to whom it may concern

The purpose of this letter is to recommend ALI's HANDYMAN & PLUMBING SERVICE TO YOU.

I have used his services for at least five years during that time Ali has performed work which required utilizing his plumbing, electrical,carpentry, and all other house improvement and repair skills. My wife and I have been extremely pleased and satisfied with all of the work he has done for us.

Ali is highly organized, quality oriented, cost conscious , and honest.

When you observe as he does his work, you will see I am talking about. he saved us lot of money with his expert advise.

Ali's word is his bond , if he says he will at your home at a certain time, he will almost be there. On rare occassions, if the job he is working on is going to cause him to be somewhat late at your home he will call you and inform .

Knowing that we can call on ALI for his swrvices when we have problems, which happens more frequently now since our home is 45 yeras old is a blessing and give us comfort that we have ALI within our contact.

If you try ALI's Services, I think you will make a good decision .


ERINIE WONG 408-255-7888

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